Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 75: Missionary Work is the greatest thing!

I just can't even begin to express just how grateful I feel for everything this past week! Yonago is such an incredible area! Yesterday in Sacrament Meeting the theme was Missionary Work. And, three of the members were able to share experiences that they have been having with missionary work. Two of them, were sisters that we have been working with. One, F Shimai, the member who's friend started the mommy and me group up in another part of our area, and the other, N Shimai, a sister that worked a lot with the sisters and invited her friends to ballet, but recently has gotten really busy with work, and so she hasn't had as many options to share the gospel. And both of them were return missionaries. As they both spoke, I was reminded of my final interview I had with Welch Kaichoon Friday

Anyways, F Shimai has been trying to find ways to share the gospel with this friend for the past 8 years. Ever since they met, she could just picture seeing her in the Celestial Kingdom and giving her a big hug! She has been looking for the opportunity to bring the gospel into Y San's life, and then through the mommy and me group, she found the perfect opportunity. I was able to share with F Shimai yesterday before sacrament how KK went, and how a week or so ago, we were able to teach one of the moms from the group. I also told her about our appointment that we had set up with Y San, and asked if she had time Tuesday to doseki. F Shimai then shared about that experience in her talk, and about how recently she learned just how fun doing missionary work is! SO amazing!

Then, N Shimai also spoke. She started out by saying that recently she has felt like she needs to change, and get her priorities set. She has been so busy with work, that she has been giving up opportunities to share the gospel with her friends. She has a friend, N San, who she was able to share the gospel with about a month or so ago. She invited her to meet with the missionaries, and then N Shimai told us. She was so excited to set up an appointment, but then she got really busy with work, and then all of the sudden, she couldn't find time to meet. We would follow up with her, and ask her about her friend, but she would always talk about how busy she was. About a week or so ago, we called her, inviting her to the kids ballet and also asking her about her friend. She told us how she really wanted to dendo, but she also needed to work, so she was having a hard time. After talking for a while, and trying to figure it all out, she told us that she was going to pray about it. We heard back from her, but somehow there was a miscommunication. So, we thought she had received an answer to her prayer, but really she was just asking if we could change the ballet times. So, we didn't end up hearing anything about her friend. Well, then in sacrament meeting she started sharing about her, and about how she had been able to share the gospel with her. And about how she wanted to share more. And then she said that she had gotten her priorities straight, and that this week she was going to set up an appointment for her friend to meet with the missionaries. When she was talking to us later, we found out that the same day that we called, and asked her about her friend, she prayed, and later that same day also got a promotion in one of her jobs, giving her an answer, and a way to dendo. We were able to set up an appointment to meet. N San already believes in God, and is so excited to learn more! 

The work really is progressing so much here! It is so cool to be just a small part of it. In Yonago this week, we taught 43 lessons as an area (between us, and the elders). We were able to teach 13 this week, and able to learn lots of ways to continue to improve. It is really cool though to know and to see just how much things are changing. 6 months ago, as an area we were only hitting about 20 lessons a week. And, now it has doubled. We are so excited to see what this next week brings! Yonago is doing great though, and we are able to really work with the members!

So, now one of the things that I learned, that has been reinforced over and over this week. One of the things that really stuck out to me in my interview, was just how small and simple things really do have so much power. It is so simple to pray, or to read the scriptures, or to do other things, that sometimes we get lazy. But, they are each so much a vital part of our growth, and progression. It really is so important that we are doing all of the simple things daily, and having new experiences daily, because it is through those daily things that we continue to learn and to grow. On Friday night, as I was reading in the Book of Mormon, I read Helaman 11:23. "having many revelations daily." When I read that this time, after talking about how I can continue to be active my entire life, it had so much more meaning. They understood the doctrine, and they continued to receive many new revelations every day. They didn't just rely on the things that they learned when they were younger, or when they were missionaries. They continued to learn and to grow every single day. They had new experiences every day with sharing the gospel. They received answers to their prayers every day. As I read that, I just couldn't help but be grateful for the things I have learned, and the habits that I have been able to develop on my mission. I know that I will be able to take these things and apply them into my life, not just now, but for the rest of my life. And, I know now more than ever just how important it is to continue to grow and to progress. To have those experiences daily, for the rest of my life. 

I love you!
Robertson Shimai

Sister Amanda K. Robertson
Japan Kobe Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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