Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 72: Transfer 12 - missions are too fast!

Wow. Where do I even start? I was SO surprised, and SO excited all at the same time when we saw the transfers this morning. I really wanted to stay in Yonago for my last transfer, but I thought it would be fun to train again but knew that I would have to transfer to do that, and then I saw, and it was perfect! I am sad that Itabashi Shimai is transferring, but it will be awesome to have her as my STL. :) And I am so excited to be here in Yonago for my last transfer! I have only served in 3 areas my whole mission, and for about 6 months each! :) So fun! And I am even more excited to be able to actually work here in Yonago. The members have been talking recently about how hard it is to never actually have the sisters here, and now we will be. And things are really picking up here! Holy cow I am so excited! I guess I should explain what all is happening. So, I will be staying here in Yonago, and will be training a brand new missionary! :) and then the STLs (my companion and another sister) will be moving to Okayama. :) lots of changes, but I am so excited!
After MLC on Tuesday.

Happy Halloween! :) 

 Yonago Ward Halloween Party

We have been able to work with the members a lot recently, and we have even been able to receive a lot of referrals. Yesterday, we went with one of the members to meet with one of her friends. Y San just started a group called キラ (as in キラキラ) Kids. It is a group for these mothers with young kids who don't really have the opportunity to meet and interact with others very often. F Shimai had been waiting for a good opportunity for us to meet with Y San, and so when she heard about the new group, she called us right away and set up an appointment for us to meet. So we met, and we were invited to go to the group where we will be able to help serve the people in the group, with Eikaiwa, or even just being a loving listening ear. She also told us that she wants to meet with us, and do the Family English Program, and we are so excited! She said that there will be about ten moms, plus four of her own friends plus all of their children. As we were talking with her, I couldn't help but think of how this might be the way that Y, the city they are in, will grow, and maybe even one day become a branch, and than a ward of its own. After that appointment, we met with some more members in Y (the same city), and they too told us about some of their friends they had invited to dinner. They weren't able to make it, but they said that they really wanted to meet with us. SO cool! Yonago Ward is so strong, and such a wonderful example. They have been able to teach me SO much about working with members, and I am excited for my new companion to come here and be able to hopefully love working with the members as much as I do. Wow. I am just so excited for this next transfer. I know that we can start teaching 20 or more lessons a week again, and that there will be baptisms soon. :) the work really is starting to move forward, and I know that with this past stake conference, it will just keep hastening. In relief society yesterday, we were talking about what we all learned in stake conference, and we ended up talking a lot about Ward council, missionary work, and the sabbath day! So awesome! The members here really are trying to apply the things that they have learned, and I am excited to work with them.

Some of my favorite little kids at kids Eikaiwa.

Today I just can't help but think about how I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father. I know He really does hear and answer our prayers, ever those prayers that are just in our heart, and we don't necessarily express. I feel like, especially recently, Heavenly Father just keeps pouring out all these tender mercies, like He knows that things are hard, but with all these little seemingly unimportant things, it will help me to just keep going. Just being able to be in Yonago is one of those things. And being able to see everyone from Tsuyama, some multiple times, and being able to stay here and work with such great members, and getting to see MacKenzie Shimai again. I can't even count all of the blessings. Heavenly Father really does know and love us, and I am so grateful!

I love you all!
Robertson Shimai

Sister Amanda K. Robertson
Japan Kobe Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

It was Wilkin Choro's birthday yesterday. The members made him a cake.

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