Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 71: Counting my many blessings

Where do I even begin? It has been a pretty great week. It just is going to fast. I can't believe it is already Monday again, and we are on our way to Kobe. It feels like just last week that we had MLC! This week I have really enjoyed missionary work. I always enjoy it, but there are some weeks where I just think how lucky I am to be a missionary right now. I know that pretty soon, I won't be anymore, so I am taking in as much as I can get. And trying to learn and do as much as I can.
Zone Conference 

This week we got to go on a Kōkan with the Kurashiki sisters. I got to Kōkan with Mills Shimai. We went to go visit some members and investigators who lived in a part of their area an hour away by train. I am always so impressed when members who go so out of their way just to get to church, who sacrifice so much, and yet are still so strong. The saints here in Japan really are SO faithful. I've never lived within walking distance to the church except while I was in Hawaii, but I've only ever had to travel more than 30 minutes (that I remember) a handful of times. I am so grateful for the example of these wonderful saints. While we were out there we also ran into some really cool people, one lady who we ended up running into 3 times. She is excited for when the sisters can go back and visit someday.

Besides that this week, and having the chance to meet with a lot of people in Yonago this week, despite not really being there, we just had zone conference, and stake conference. Which was so great. I was able to learn so much. After stake conference on Sunday, we were talking with the Dendo shunin (Ward mission leader), and some of the members, and after talking about our goals, they told us to not be afraid to visit members. Even if it is just 5 minutes, they really appreciate it and will make time for us. We had a couple of experiences like that this week. We wanted to visit some members who had been sick recently, but we didn't want to take a ton of their time, so we decided to just stop by, sing a hymn, bear our testimonies, and invite them to come closer to Christ in some way. So, off we went. We were able to help uplift a sister who has been really sick lately and hasn't been able to come to church just by singing her favorite hymn, and reminding her that she was still loved. We were also able to visit some members, and they invited us to meet their neighbors who ended up being former investigators. Then we stopped by and visited a recently returned member, and although she was in the middle of cooking, she was just glad that we had stopped by even though she didn't have time to talk. It was really such a small thing, and visiting all 4 of them only took maybe an hour, but they were that much happier that day. We definitely want to visit more members. We have noticed that as we strengthen the members, they really do have more of a desire to share the gospel, and as a result, we have received quite a few referrals this week. The work really is hastening here! 

Lunch at a members ramen shop. :) they play EFY and church music! So cool. :)
I love Yonago! And I am SO grateful that I got to see everyone from Tsuyama yesterday. One of my favorite girls got her mission call! She is going to Tokyo Mission and she reports to the MTC on December 15! It was SO cool to see just how much everyone has grown. As I was talking with the triplets mom, she told me forever yoroshiku. (Which pretty much means, I hope you are okay with being their friend for the rest of forever.) :) man I love that family, and I really am excited to keep up with them for the rest of eternity! They really are like my own family. Just being a missionary makes my heart so full! I have never been happier!

I got to see some of my favorite girls again yesterday at Stake conference. :) I LOVE these girls! M Chan on the far left just got her call to Japan Tokyo Mission.

Thank you for everything always! You are in my prayers! 
I Love you!
Robertson Shimai
Sister Amanda K. Robertson
Japan Kobe Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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