Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 74: Crazy, crazy, crazy.

Coming home on the train

What a crazy week full of so many things! All good things, just a lot of unexpected things. Like being invited next door to talk with the owner of a lot of the surrounding businesses, and with two of his associates, and in the process teaching them about how the gospel blesses families. Or, trying to contact an investigator and instead calling two different wrong numbers instead, because the right number was actually saved in your previous companions phone that was then taken to another area. Or failing at speaking English... About  ... Well, all of the time, although that isn't too unexpected. (We can learn it on ourselves... Instead of the right thing to say- we can learn it on our own/ we can learn it by ourselves.) I pretty much make English mistakes all the time, most of the time though, the second I say it I realize that it wasn't quite right. Or when my name tag disappeared. Or when our entire area book planner (missionary app) stopped working so we weren't able to see when any of our appointments were, or where anyone lived, or able to schedule any appointments. We decided to switch back to paper planners for the time being. Or, when we planned a ballet class, and there was an unexpected stake leadership training that was using the whole building, so we ended up using the primary room, and just opened up the kitchen and tried to do ballet with crazy energetic children. Or, when I cut my finger on the back of a knife as I was cutting vegetables (don't worry, it wasn't that bad, just very surprising. I didn't even know that that was possible). Or being given the opportunity to work with so many people this week, who just came up to us and asked how they could help, or if we could meet. Yonago really is filled with so many incredible people, and I am so excited that I get to continue working with them all.
Mackenzie Shimai her companion from 2 companions ago, is finished with her mission and her mum came to visit from New Zealand and they have been able to visit lots of the area's she served in. Here they were able to attend District Meeting, so Robertson Shimai got to see her again! They always looked like they were having soooo much fun when they served together!

One of my favorite unexpected this this week though, was meeting with H San, one of our new friends. We had called and scheduled an appointment to meet, and she said that she wanted to come to the church. So, we were waiting for her, when she called saying that she had gotten a little bit lost. I tried my best to explain to her where the church was, but realized I didn't even really know how to explain it in English (they don't really have road names here, or even road numbers for that matter..., and so it can be difficult to explain, especially when they are from a completely different part of town). So, I tried my best to explain, and she didn't quite understand, but said she would try. So we waited a little bit longer, and realized that because there were members at the church, it would be a perfect opportunity to just ask one of the members to help, so we called H San, and told her that maybe one of the members could help. Then we found U Kyōdai, and he was able to explain. We were so grateful! She made it safely, and was able to meet both U Kyōdai and M Shimai when she walked in the door. They all happen to live close together. Then we met with her and her baby, and taught some English. Then we got to show her around the church (because she had never been to church before), and then share a little message about Jesus Christ. Then at the perfect time, U Kyōdai's wife, U Shimai walked in the door, and they were able to meet and talk. As they talked, they realized they had so many connections - school, job, friends, where they live. It was so perfectly unplanned. We were SO grateful for God and His perfect timing. H San was able to feel very welcome, and fellowshipped, and was able to make new friends. This week I learned the importance of members and missionary work. Sometimes the most helpful thing for our investigators, is when they have a member that is their friend. Because then they always have someone there when the missionaries leave. It also gives them the opportunity to talk to someone when they have questions or concerns. I don't even know of that makes any sense. I do know that members are such an incredibly taisetsu... vital part of missionary work.

Rain or Shine :)

If you have the desire to help the missionaries, or to do missionary work, but aren't quite sure how, just ask the missionaries. They can help you! :) ( )

I love you all! You are incredible! Have a wonderful week!
Robertson Shimai

Sister Amanda K. Robertson
Japan Kobe Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

I forgot to mention the time when my companion got a flat tire, and we decided to fix it, but decided after trying to take it apart that changing the back tire is a lot harder than changing the front. So instead we put it all back together and I have been riding a mountain bike one of the elders left, while my companion rides mine, until her real bike arrives in a couple of days. Hurray for 6:30 AM runs to the church to fix a flat tire. 

Happy Sisters! :)

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