Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 67: Too fast!

I know last week I said that time flies when you are having fun, but wow! It is going way too fast and sometimes I wish it would just slow down. This morning I realized I have been on my mission for 16 months! And that means I only have about 2 months left! And everyday goes by too fastly.... Wow that's embarrassing... I mean quickly. And I can't even think about the weeks, because somehow it feels like those go by even faster. I have realized though that with so little time left, it just makes me want to work that much harder. I love being a missionary!
Yesterday after church.

This week we have been able to work with SO many members! I can't believe how much your heart just opens and grows even more with every person that you meet and get to know. I really love getting to know these members. It is so hard not to love someone when you really get to know them. This week has been full of those kind of experiences, and I am SO grateful! I just want to get to know everyone, everywhere! :) There are so many people that sometimes we just see at church, or in the grocery store or wherever, and we sometimes think about how rowdy their kids may be. Or maybe even how they are so grumpy, and weren't nice enough. There are so many times that we look at others and judge them by their outward appearance. Something that I have learned through serving a mission, but especially recently is how important it is to get to know those people if you can. Or at least try to see things from their perspective. They may be a single mom who is trying to come back to church after 10 years. They may have a child with some mental disability who is trying her hardest to behave, but is being put in an uncomfortable environment. Or maybe they are trying to get by, and have to work three jobs and barely even have time for sleep. Or maybe they are a family  who are trying their best, and they may have had struggles in the past, but they are trying to change and be better. I'm sure you have all seen those people. And you may have thought about how you just wished they would sit still, or control their kids, or maybe just be a little bit nicer. What I have learned those, is when you really get to know these people, and understand where they are coming from, when you really begin to think of them as children of our Heavenly Father, your heart is filled with SO much love and charity for them. And you really can't help but love them. So the next time you see someone who is struggling, try to get to know them, look for ways to help or serve them. I promise it will not only help them, but will help you feel even happier too!

I love you all so much, and you are in my thoughts and prayers! 

Sister Amanda K. Robertson
Japan Kobe Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

We made somen pizza. :) one of the less actives we are working with taught us how last week.

We had a ward primary picnic on Daisen at the milk pasture. :)

The ice cream melted too fast though, and when the wind blew, it got all over me.

We woke up early for seminary this morning. We tried to come last week, but it was canceled. 

I found Packer Chōrō in the new pamphlets made for teaching those without a Christian background (Packer Choro is my cousin's son Elder Packer who served in Japan a year or so ago. I look forward to a day when Amanda and Adam can meet up again and they can speak in Japanese with one another. :)

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