Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 50: 毎日は冒険です

Everyday is an adventure. Our week was filled with them, and we are getting ready for another big one. This week with transfers, both Perry Shimai and I were feeling some changes coming up. We were thinking that I would be transferring, but we were both wrong. Perry Shimai will be transferring to Imabari and her new companion will be Sands Shimai, an awesome sister that was in my district when I served in Tsuyama. Ready for the big news with me? I will be staying here in Katsura, and the craziest part... My new companion Tanda Shimai is 日本人. She is Japanese, and from what I've heard, doesn't speak a whole lot of English. It will be quite the adventure indeed. But I'm excited. I will just be speaking Japanese all day everyday, because both of the Elders serving in Katsura right now, are also both Nihonjin. So, it will be an adventure. :) 

Let's see, where to start this week. This week has been filled with me getting sick a lot, just a random ear ache here, or my eye hurting there, nothing too big, but it did make this week a little bit difficult. On Friday we had District Meeting, and then had 2 lessons scheduled, but because they were both sick, they had to cancel. So, we decided to go finding. :) well, we made it made a mile or two down the road, and then we had quite the adventure. Perry Shimai had a little bit of an adventure. And that adventure resulted in a lot of hours at bike stores, and on the phone testing every bit of my Japanese. You always think you can speak Japanese, until you have to speak Japanese to someone at a business, or on the phone to explain the part of a bike that you need to find. Everything turned out okay though, and Perry Shimai walked away with only bruises. We were grateful. While we were trying to find a bike store, we ran into a guy, S, who spoke English perfectly. We were kind of surprised. He was really nice though, and pointed us in the right direction. We saw him again later, and exchanged numbers. We have an appointment scheduled with him for tomorrow. :) we are looking forward to it. On Saturday we were able to teach three lessons, and we were so grateful for the spirit during each one. We had an investigator that has been struggling lately, and we haven't been able to meet with her in a while. We had a lesson planned for her, but then when we got to her house, and we're following up with her, our plans changed, and we ended up teaching her as best as we could by the spirit. I am so grateful for the spirit, and the ability that it has to touch the hearts of those we teach. We were able to have such a wonderful lesson, with powerful witnesses from the spirit that what we were teaching was true. She just lit up as we taught. It was so cool to watch her go from someone that has been really difficult to teach to someone who was really beginning to understand and apply the things she was learning. I am so grateful for O Shimai. Because we weren't sure what was going to happen with transfers, we tried our best to schedule an appointment with her for before transfers, and she kept telling us that she was really busy and wouldn't have time. Finally she said, "okay. I will just come to church tomorrow." We were so surprised that she was offering to come to church, something that has been hard for her recently. When we saw her Sunday morning we were so happy. Everything that was taught during church was exactly what she needed to hear. It was perfect.

Overall it was a really good week. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to be a missionary, and I am excited for what this next transfer holds. Although, I am really going to miss Perry Shimai. She is an incredible missionary and I have learned a lot from her these last couple of months. 

I love you all, and I hope you are all doing well.

Robertson Shimai

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