Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 49: Happy Mother's Day!

:) Happy Mother's Day! I hope you all had a wonderful day! Thank you for all being such wonderful examples to me. 

This week's email is probably going to be a little but short since I just skyped home this morning. 

Nothing big happened this week. I got sick again, this time with a throat thing. I even had to go to the doctor. Going to the doctor when you don't understand medical Japanese is quite the adventure, even when you have a member go with you for moral support (although she didn't know really any English). Going to the doctor also takes an incredible amount of faith, and trust. They say things to you, and do weird things (like rub a cotton wrapped thing that has been dipped into what looks like iodine onto the back of your throat...), or then have you use a nebulizer and not really understand why you need it. Especially when after all is said and done, you leave feeling worse then you did when you got there. Like I said quite the adventure. Oh, and then being given medicine and told here, take this, but having absolutely no idea what it is, or what it is for. A big leap of faith. Luckily though, my throat is much better. 

(Mystery Medicine: I like how they didnt' even write out her whole name at the top of the prescription - Robertson Amand).

(When we were skyping, she was drinking aquarius - she said her companion was calling it an I.V. in your stomach... but for amanda, who got a whole different visual than just drinking it and it went to your stomach, she said she somehow envisioned, cutting open your stomach and pouring it in for an i.v. but it was helping her.  I like this picture of her Japanese health care options... I assume the one is a nasal spray but the one with the picture of the giraffe is just cute!  Who wouldn't want to get that one?!?!  and the other I guess is also for children, so it must be safe and o.k. for my missionary daughter to take right? :) 

Now my eye is just a problem, because in an effort to look healthy, and not sick so that the members didn't freak out again, I actually got ready. I wore my contacts and makeup, and I did my hair. Well, at some point my eye started hurting really badly. I just figured that my contact was dry. After about 3 hours of pain, we finally got home from church, and I took my contact out. My eye was still hurting really badly, so I decided to look at it and see what was wrong. Somehow I scratched my eye (something probably got caught under my contact and scratched my eye), and so now I am going to just wear glasses for the next little while, and try not to be annoyed at the fact that I can't really see out of my left eye at the moment. Oh the life of a missionary. :) I promise I am still loving Japan, and trying my best to be nice and healthy so that I can serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. :)

I just wanted to tell you about how special mothers are. I love mothers, and I can't wait to be a mother some day. Yesterday for Mother's Day, Perry Shimai and I decided to do something nice for all of the mothers, and for all of the women, We just made some brownies, and then gave them to all of the women. So many times they would be like, "What is this for?" and we would say it's for Mother's Day. And they would just look so surprised that we did something for them, especially if they themselves did not have children (because they had not yet had that opportunity, or they weren't able to have children). We were grateful for the opportunity to help some of our favorite moms feel loved, because they are all moms to us. :) 
(I am not sure how I feel about the Jesus San sticker on the brownies... I guess it will just peel right off? but also, "Jesus San", I didn't figure that would be how you'd address Him, but there you have it. Perhaps the name on the sticker is to say that Jesus San loves and appreciates the mothers/women on mothers day. I'll have to clear this one up when she comes home and gets to explain some of the things from her mission.)

This week I found this video while I was studying and wanted to share it with you. I love you all!

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