Monday, July 21, 2014

(snail mail) Teach with the Spirit and Travel plans

Another snail mail letter - 

(Kazoku – Family)                                                                                                    July 17, 2014

I always have so much I want to tell you, and then I always run out of time!  It’s a problem! Actually, more often than not I feel like I don’t have anything to write about, and then I sit down and have so many things I want to say, and so many cool experiences I want to share with all of you, and then before I know it I am out of time. I guess that means there is a lot that Heavenly Father wants me to share with you. J
Let’s see… Okay so one of the cool things that happened this week with Nihongo. Lately I have been struggling. I have good days and bad days when it comes to Nihongo. Sometimes I feel like I know enough to go to Japan, and then other times I feel like I don’t know anything! It’s a struggle. Well, after a week of craziness, I was feeling down, and then during our lesson with Morimoto San, I had prepared so much more (written out what I wanted to say – I had learned new vocabulary that I wanted to use in our lesson, but I knew if I didn’t have it written down, I would forget it).  We were teaching him about having faith in Christ, and how we need him to be the Foundation of our Faith (Helaman 5:12). I was able to share my experience with faith in Christ and how it has helped me. As I was talking Morimoto San made a face (which normally means we said something wrong/weird), but I just kept talking. After I had finished, Eyring Shimai asked him how he was feeling. We knew the spirit was there, and wanted him to recognize that. HE started by saying he was surprised by my Nihongo, and that it was josu (skilled/good). Then he told us how he knew it could help him. It was a cool experience.
The next day, we had skype TRC, and I was feeling less than confident again. Our lesson was okay, but we felt like she was teaching us more than we were teaching her. After we got to class, we had a lesson with Hasegawa San. We were teaching him about missionary work, and I was able to share with him what the gospel means to me. I once again felt the spirit as I was teaching. After our lesson Ellsworth kyodai said that sometimes he feels like we are teaching him too, not just Hasegawa San.  Teaching by the spirit is the MOST important part of being a missionary. It doesn’t matter how perfect my Nihongo (Japanese) is, if I don’t teach by the spirit, it means nothing. So for any of you going on a mission, or perhaps just sharing the gospel with a friend and being a member missionary, never forget the importance of teaching by the spirit. I’ve seen how powerful lessons can be when the spirit is present, and I have seen what I thought would be a great lesson turn out not so great because the spirit wasn’t there.
One of the great lessons we learned yesterday, is to never apologize when teaching about the gospel. (I mean apologize if you say something wrong/mean/offensive, but never apologize for sharing the gospel.  “When you apologize, you weaken the Lord’s message, and you don’t have that authority.” Improve, keep trying, but don’t apologize.

AND – she has official travel plans!  She leaves early in the morning, from Salt Lake City on July 29th.  She will arrive in Osaka Japan in the afternoon of July 30, 2014!    

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