Friday, May 30, 2014


Kuzoku (Family)!!!!!!!!!

How are you? I'm alive, and loving the MTC. Nihongo is quite possibly the most musikashii (difficult) thing I have EVER done! We taught our first investigator today! It went... swimmingly. SO hard. 

Our P-day is on Thursdays, so I'll definitely write more next week! :) We were given like go (5) minutes to type REALLY fast! :) And my brain is no longer working, so sorry if this is the most scattered email ever. 

My companion is Eyring Shimai! She is the best. We laugh and laugh at everything, so that's good. I don't think I've ever laughed so much in my entire life! Before you ask the obvious question, Hi (yes) she is the grand daughter of President Eyring. :) So that is pretty awesome! :)

Being a missionary is the best, but so musikashii all at the same time. Eyring Shimai and I are attached at the hip, and have to always be within sight and sound of each other. Except when we are going to the bathroom. It's definitely different, but I love it. This afternoon at lunch she was getting tabemono (food) and I turned around and she was gone (which is fine, because we can be separated in the Caf. But we always have to sit next to or across from each other). Anyways, I felt so weird not having her there. And not being able to see her. 

Yesterday we learned how to inori (pray) and akashi (testify). Today we learned how to extend commitments. I am surprisingly less overwhelmed today than I was yesterday, so that is subarashii (great). Haha. To pray, there are a LOT of musikashii words! Like shukufuku shite kudasai (please bless)... Haha! We may or may not laugh every time! 

My distorikuto (district) is awesome. I am the only missionary going to Kobe, everyone else is going to Tokyo South. There are a lot of missionaries in the other distorikuto (part of my zone) that are going to Kobe though. :) 

Well, time to go! Iki masho!!

I love you!!!

Robertson Shimai (Amanda)

PS! Send me LOTS of letters! We love them. Thanks mama for sending me one!

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